The New World of Work: The Secret to a Great Meeting Experience

A major cause of poor employee experience is bad meetings. Those on the bleeding edge of XLAs have even developed specific XLAs to measure the quality of our meetings – looking at both the underlying technology that we use to host our digital meetings as well as the processes and rituals we use to conduct those meetings.  

Improving the quality and effectiveness of our meetings can have a big impact on employee engagement and productivity. As a result, better meetings mean a better bottom line.  

In this episode of XLA.TV, Neil Miller, the host of The Digital Workplace podcast and author of a new free study guide called, “Leading Meetings in the Digital Age” gives his insights on these 4 topics: 

1.      Four things that can derail a meeting. 

2.      Six types of meetings and when should they be used. 

3.      Five things we can do to improve our next meeting. 

You may be surprised to hear that sometimes, the best "meeting" is not a meeting at all. Watch this episode to learn more.