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Roy Atkinson : Clifton Butterfield LLC

Roy Atkinson

Clifton Butterfield LLC

Mark Blanke : Owlpoint and The CIO Iniative

Mark Blanke

Owlpoint and The CIO Iniative

Dr. Roar Bovim : Living Room Analytics

Dr. Roar Bovim

Living Room Analytics

Roar is co-founder and CEO of Livingroom. Based on extensive research, he has developed a unique model for measuring and improving EX. Leveraging the model, Livingroom delivers a data-driven and innovative EX software solution that helps companies transform their employee experiences and foster a culture of belonging, where employees feel included, inspired and involved.

Charles Cinert : Sabre Corporation

Charles Cinert

Sabre Corporation

Charles Cinert leads highly complex organizations to deliver simplified customer outcomes. His unique focus navigates the customer through the always-changing frontiers of technology, process, and the human experience. When Charles isn't exploring the frontiers of customer journeys, you can find him enjoying a good football game, creating virtual worlds with his sons, or out for a run on some distant path to nowhere.

Jo Debecker : ATOS

Jo Debecker


Jo is Chief Group Operations at Atos, leading the Global Operations team, being responsible to drive quality, innovation, and competitiveness for the Atos Group. With a strong experience in IT services and high performing organizations, Jo is driving Customer contract execution, delivery orchestration, Industry R&D, horizontal offerings end to end, Innovation and R&D within the practices and Key transversal processes. In addition, standardized quality across the organization & Global pre-sales and program management are also in his responsibility. One of his focuses during last year was Employee Experience and how we are driving the highest levels of employee wellbeing and efficiency through technology. He is passionate about innovation, being constantly up to date with the market trends.

Leon Gilbert : Unisys

Leon Gilbert


Leon leads a global digital workplace business that leverages advanced design thinking to deliver outcome-based results that today’s workforce desires and needs, culminating in a modern and differentiated end-user experience.. His organization consistently achieves client satisfaction, unmatched in the Global Outsourcing Industry.

Sami Kallio : HappySignals

Sami Kallio


Sami is a co-founder and CEO of HappySignals. His target is to help enterprise IT to create more value to employees of the organizations. Shortly said his and HappySignals mission is: More smiles - less time wasted. In XLA-tv Sami will mainly share thoughts and learnings from Happyness Score™ that is a global IT benchmark collected continuously from all HappySignals customers. Currently this benchmark includes more than 4 Million responses.

A message from Sami Kallio

Weston Morris : Unisys

Weston Morris


Weston Morris has a unique ability to extract the signal from the noise in the vast array of information on Digital Workplace Services to what is practical, relevant, and elevates workplace experience. Weston listens and distills information so that others gain wisdom.

Dwayne Paro : Modern Technology Solutions

Dwayne Paro

Modern Technology Solutions

Sabine Schmidt : ABN AMRO

Sabine Schmidt


Sabine has a purpose, passion and boundless imagination. Impassioned to create a great user experience, she makes a long-term vision practical by achieving it in concrete measured steps. A believer in data-driven experimentations, she gathers and presents empirical facts during each step. In this way, her consumers, employees, and (DevOps) teams can participate and validate each change and improvement. Her approach has brought both success and friends across the bank.

David Vidoni : Pegasystems

David Vidoni


Sasha Wight : Wkflow

Sasha Wight


Sasha helps organizations design exceptional employee experiences that drive a more engaged, inspired and energized workforce. Sasha and her team focus on EX strategy, research, design and people-tech to create a digital-first employee experiences in partnership with clients across Asia-Pacific. The team focus on delivering lasting change and a competitive employee experience by leveraging human-centered design principles and a clear focus on EX metrics.